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Bottle of Naranja Orange Liqueur sitting on a wooden table, in front of a mixed white and wooden background

Naranja Orange Liqueur

Naranja Licor de Naranja Orange Liqueur is produced by La Madrileña, a distillery in Tototlan, Jalisco. First distilled in 1933, this product began as Controy – a now famous Mexican orange liqueur modeled after Cointreau. Though it used to only be available in Mexico, the liqueur became available in the U.S. as Naranja in 2013. The name was changed for legal reasons, but only in the U.S. market. Although the true origin of the Margarita cocktail is hotly debated, some claim that the first Margarita included Controy, which the brand has greatly emphasized in their advertising. It is made with a neutral cane spirit base. Although they are […]

brown liquid in a tall bottle with white and black label

Angel’s Envy Bourbon

Now that I’ve experienced many historically significant bourbon whiskey brands, I was looking to try a more contemporary bourbon. And since I recently noticed this brand came in a 325ml bottle, I thought it was finally time to check out Angel’s Envy Bourbon. After a lengthy tenure in the Bourbon industry, which included the creation of iconic brands like Woodford Reserve and Gentleman Jack, Lincoln Henderson was finally ready to build his first and only independent venture. He was eager to experiment with various barrels and finishing techniques and enlisted the help of his son, Wes Henderson, to create Angel’s Envy in 2010. Their signature […]

Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose Vodka is produced by Grey Goose – a France based spirits brand. Founded in 1997 by Sidney Frank and François Thibault, they began with a focus on creating vodka with less neutrality and more distinct flavor. Grey Goose was bought out by Bacardi in 2004. It is made using high quality Picardie wheat that is single origin and non-GMO. The wheat is milled on site, before going through a saccharification process, and then fermented using a custom system they call a “cascade”. Grey Goose is only distilled once, with the goal of preserving the character of the wheat. The pure, natural spring water used is sourced from a well in […]

clear liquid in a trapezoid shaped bottle with a cobalt and cream colored label

1800 Blanco Tequila

Although we’ve tried a lot of blanco tequilas at this point, I’m still always on the look out for other affordable options for making cocktails. And since I’ve always been curious about 1800 Blanco Tequila, and the weather has been perfect for some refreshing cocktails, I thought it was finally time to check it out. 1800 Tequila gets its name from the year they began distilling and aging tequila. They still use the same recipe, and all of their tequilas are made from 100% Weber blue agave. 1800 Blanco Tequila is made using a blend of blanco tequilas to maintain a consistent flavor. BOTTLE SPECS ❖ Spirit: Blanco Tequila ❖ Distillery […]

LALO Blanco Tequila

LALO Blanco Tequila is produced by LALO – a smaller, Mexican-owned brand based in Austin, Texas. It was founded in 2019 by David Carballido and maestro tequilero Lalo González, who is the grandson of Don Julio González Estrada (yes, THAT Don Julio). As a brand, they aim to celebrate modern Mexico with a pure, high quality product that honors the agave plant. Their Agave is sourced from the highlands of Jalisco, and is hand-picked at between around 6-7 years old. It gets steamed for 20-32 hours in a special brick oven, and then rested for about 18 hours, before having the juices extracted via roller mill. The juice is then fermented with […]