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Botran Ron de Guatemala No. 8

Botran Ron de Guatemala No. 8 is produced by Industria Licorera Quetzalteca – a Guatemala based company obtained by a group of 5 Spanish brothers in 1940. These brothers created the Botran brand, which produces several different rum blends from start to finish. In 2022, they achieved new certifications including ICSS (for sustainability) and SGS Carbon Neutrality. The beginning stages of their production process take place in Retalhuleu, Guatemala. There, the sugar cane is grown, and the sugar cane honey is fermented with pineapple yeast, before being distilled in copper stills. Then, the distillates are brought to the high altitudes of […]

Amber liquid in at tall glass bottle with a black wax top and white and green label

Wayward Single Malt Whiskey

Since my home state of California isn’t typically known as a major whiskey producer, I always get excited when I come across a new California based distillery like Venus Spirits. And, it’s even better when it’s not too far from where I currently live! And, although they offer a wide variety of spirits, I was most excited to try this bottle of Wayward Single Malt Whiskey. After many years in the beer and organic food industries, Sean Venus was inspired to build Venus Spirits after falling in love with whiskey. The distillery first opened in in Santa Cruz, California in 2015 and offers many spirits that include gin, agave-based spirits […]

Sababa Mezcal

Sababa Mezcal Artesenal is produced by Sababa Mezcal. Their agave is sourced from a few different regions of Oaxaca including San Juan Del Río, Matatlán, Reforma Yautepec, and Santa Ana Del Río. It is grown for 10 years before being harvested. Their current expression, a mezcal joven made of Espadín agave, is created by master mezcalero Francisco de los Ángeles. Although they don’t go into much detail about their production process, they do mention that the mezcal is double distilled using traditional stills. As a mezcal joven, it is not aged before bottling. The brand also takes pride in their beautiful bottles, for which they teamed […]

Round black bottle with gold lettering

Gekkeikan Black & Gold Sake

While I’ve sampled a few sakes over the years (Emmeline and I even shared a sake flight the last time we had sushi), I’ve never actually owned a bottle myself. I was always too overwhelmed by the number of brands and styles. Thankfully, I came out of the holiday season with this bottle of Gekkeikan Black & Gold Sake, so I don’t have to stress anymore, and can finally start my sake journey. The Gekkeikan brand can be traced all the way back to 1637, when Jiemon Okura first established a sake brewery in Fushima, a town near Kyoto. The Okura family continued to operate the brewery and expand the brand until it was officially renamed […]

Diplomático Planas Aged White Rum

Diplomático Planas Aged White Rum is produced by Destilerías Unidas S. A. – a family-owned company and distillery based in Venezuela. It’s a brand that I already have a fondness for, having reviewed their Reserva Exclusiva Rum a little over a year ago and giving it a good rating. That’s why I was so excited to receive this bottle of their Aged White Rum as a gift over the holiday season. Each of their rums are “field to bottle”, which basically means that Diplomático handles all the steps of production. The production process varies a little depending on which rum variety is being made. This particular bottle of Aged White Rum is a […]