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Hello and welcome to Let’s Drink It!

Our names are Josh and Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban, and we’re a sibling team based out of sunny California. We both love spirits in our own ways, and found that 2020’s lockdown really enhanced our interest in home bartending and learning about different forms of alcoholic beverage. 

Now, we are turning that passion into a helpful resource for folks looking for their new favorite bottle. In our reviews, we’ll tell you what we thought and why – so you can be informed before you buy! We also try our best to be conscious consumers, taking social issues into account with each review. We like brands and companies that care about people – not just their bottom line. We know that you do, too!


Josh Gonzalez-Beban

is a musician, music teacher, video game player, anime watcher and cocktail enthusiast. Took one free bartending class 10 years ago. Will pretty much drink anything but especially loves whisk(e)y neat and simple citrus cocktails like a bee’s knees or daiquiri.

Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban

is an amateur home bartender, freelance dance artist, Avon lady, and enthusiastic dog sitter. An oddball who actually waited until 21 to have her first cocktail (a refreshing Cuba Libre), she has since developed a love for spirits and mixing. Although she loves a good ol’ fashioned liquor like Rum or Tequila, she has a special soft spot for unique or complex liqueurs.


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