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Bottle of Xplorer Potato Vodka sitting on a wooden table, in front of a mixed white and wooden background

Xplorer Potato Vodka

Xplorer Potato Vodka is produced by Kilimanjaro Distillery, a family-owned craft distillery in Allentown Pensylvania. Founded by a Tanzanian-American father daughter team in 2015, Kilimanjaro produces several spirits including vodka, gin, whiskey, and specialty products. As a brand, Xplorer is inspired by global travel and the power of bringing people together. The company aims to do good for the community, donating a percentage of their profits to clean water efforts and their local Meals on Wheels. Kilimanjaro Distillery products are made using a mixture of locally grown and globally sourced ingredients. Their vodkas are distilled 12 […]

Black bottle with white lettering and a large fingerprint with rainbow colors

Identity Vodka

Happy Pride Month everybody! I hadn’t really thought about it until this year, but I haven’t seen many spirit brands that advertise support for the LGBTQ+ community. So, when I randomly came across this bottle of Identity Vodka, I was excited to check it out. Although it began as a LGBTQ+ friendly tequila brand under the Casa Maestri umbrella of spirits, Identity has expanded to include vodka and flavored vodka. The bottle is branded with a striking felt fingerprint and and rainbow colored lines. Part of the proceeds from Identity sales, about $1 per bottle, are donated to LGBTQ+ charities including GLAAD, The Equality Alliance and DIFFA […]

tall clear bottle with a clear liquid with alight green color and a frog in a suit and tie on the label

Froggy B Vodka

Something I really enjoy about chain liquor stores, like Total Wine or Bevmo, is browsing the huge number of spirits I’ve never seen before. I always leave myself some time to browse the shelfs but rarely impulse buy anything. But I was so enamored with the Froggy B Vodka label that I had to have it. I’ll pretty much buy anything that reminds me of Gex, the mediocre video game series from the late 90’s.

Froggy B Vodka is a straight forward, wheat-based vodka from France. The organic wheat comes from the Beauce region but the rest of the distilling is done in copper stills in the Cognac region. In fact, Froggy B is certified organic by […]

vodka bottle with white and neon orange label on a light would table

Reyka Vodka

Since vodka is a neutral spirit without any bold flavors, It can be difficult for vodka brands to stand out. But Reyka Vodka is able to leverage their unique distilling process and location to help attract attention in a out crowded market.

Most of the distilling process takes place in the small coastal town of Borgarnes, Iceland. But first they source a neutral grain spirit from Scotland, where wheat and barley are easier to grow, then proof it down with locally sourced glacial water. The local spring flows through a lava rock field and is naturally filtered.

Next comes the distilling process. Reyka use a rare Carter-Head Still most […]

Bottle of New Amsterdam Original Vodka sitting on a dark brown table in front of an off-white wall

New Amsterdam Original Vodka

Although New Amsterdam Original Vodka gives off a classic vibe, it’s actually fairly new to the scene – having launched only in 2011. New Amsterdam is produced by E&J Gallo in Modesto, CA, who are more commonly associated with their delicious wines (I’m a bit of a Barefoot fangirl, not gonna lie). This company was originally founded in 1933, and over time has begun producing many different brands.

The Original […]