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Sauza 100 Años Reposado Tequila

Bottle of Sauza 100 Años Reposado Tequila sitting on a dark brown table, in front of a white background

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Sauza 100 Años Reposado Tequila


About 100 Años Reposado

This 100 Años Tequila Reposado is manufactured by Casa Sauza, located in Tequila, Jalisco. Founded in 1873, the company is closely linked with the evolution of modern-day tequila, as three generations of Sauza distillers helped shaped the production process and quality standards that are used today.

As with all Sauza tequilas, this tequila reposado is created at La Perseverancia Distillery – the same distillery that was founded by Sauza’s original owner. This particular bottle is double distilled and then aged for at least two months in American white oak barrels.

Bottle Specs

❖  ABV: 40%

Distillery: La Perseverancia Distillery

Aging: 2+ months

Price Point: lower mid range

Tasting Notes

The Casa Sauza website does not list any tasting notes for this Tequila. However, several online retailers include some in the product description – here are a few of the recurring opinions on 100 Años Reposado‘s notes.


❖ Caramel

❖ Oak

❖ White pepper

❖ Agave

Small glass of golden-yellow tequila, next to a bottle of 100 Años reposado, shot at an angle so only the label is showing.

My Tasting Notes

As I gave this tequila a good first whiff, the nose notes were nice and fresh. There was a hint of vegetable, and I immediately imagined the green-blue leaves of the Agave plant.

The first taste had a strong bite, making it hard to make out any other notes. There was a faint hint of something green – but if I didn’t already know what tequila is made of, I probably wouldn’t be able to guess what plant I was tasting. The Agave notes are very subtle. By the third sip, I could make out a hint of spice that tasted like pepper. By the fourth taste, I could make out a slight woody flavor. However, I wasn’t sure at first if this flavor was brought about by the power of suggestion. All in all, I found the tasting notes to be extremely subtle. The sense of freshness and bite are what consumers will notice the most. As a sipping tequila, 100 Años is not very smooth at all.


For my cocktail, I decided to go with a Matador. Although I love a classic Margarita, I was in the mood for something a little more tropical on that rare Winter day that felt like Spring. To be honest, I don’t normally like the flavor of pineapple – but the Matador is a notable exception!

Yield: 1 drink


Matador cocktail in a clear Ball jar with a green glass straw, sitting on a white windowsill with a large yard in the background


  • 2 oz Tequila
  • 1/2 oz lime juice
  • 3 oz pineapple juice
  • dash of Angostura bitters


  1. Add ingredients to a shaker and shake until chilled.
  2. Strain into a cocktail glass.

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Inside a cocktail, I could make out the woody notes of 100 Años Reposado much more clearly. It didn’t take away from the flavor of the pineapple and lime juice, but rather it added a nice depth. The Oak notes combined with the sugars from the juice seemed to mimic a sense of creaminess – which was interesting for a cocktail that doesn’t contain any cream. I was pretty happy with the way my Matador turned out.

Bottom line


Although 100 Años Reposado Tequila is a decent choice for cocktails, I think there are definitely better tequilas out there in this same price range. Even Sauza itself has smoother tequilas at a cheaper price. That said, I would still recommend this bottle in situations where your options are limited. 100 Años will certainly get the job done, and taste just fine in a refreshing cocktail. I enjoyed every sip of my Matador, and felt appropriately relaxed afterwards.

As always, drink responsibly.

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  1. Kat @The Hobbit Hold

    Thank you for your unbiased opinion on this kind of tequila. Good tequila can make or break a drink, I know so when I order my favorite margarita and the tequila is off.

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