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Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon

Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond white label bottle on a light brown table with white wall background

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Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon


About Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon

Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond is a popular and widely available bourbon from Heaven Hill Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky. There are a few entries in the Evan Williams line of bourbons and each has a different color label to distinguish the bourbon style and price point. The Bottled-in-Bond has a white label and is available across the US for under $20.

Bourbon was first distilled in the late 1700’s in Kentucky. Corn was a popular crop in that region of America so distillers started using it in their whiskey. This led to a generally sweeter flavor profile compared to European whiskies. In the decades since, bourbon has continued to dominate the American Whiskey market. U.S. Congress even passed a resolution to officially name it “a distinctive product of the United States.” The government also has strict guidelines for what can be classified as a bourbon.

“Bottled-in-Bond”is an additional government classification on the Evan Williams White Label. This means that the spirit must be a product of a single distiller from a single season, aged in a government bonded warehouse for 4 years and be bottled at 100 proof (50%).

Bottle Specs

❖ Spirit: Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond Bourbon

Distillery: Heaven Hill Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky

❖ ABV: 100 proof (50%)

❖ Aged at least 4 years

❖ Low Price

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes from Heaven Hill


Color: Bright Gold

Aroma: Carmel with hints of vanilla, oak and barley

Taste: Citrus on top of vanilla and black pepper

Finish: Warm, long and dry

Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond gold colored liquid in a glencairn glass

My Tasting Notes

Color: Bright gold. Almost like apple juice

Nose: Carmel, Brown sugar and Oak

Taste: Vanilla, Honey, Something spicy that could be pepper, Oak

Finish: I actually agree with the Heaven Hill description. I really only get a warm alcohol mouthfeel with a slight bitter oak flavor. I think it’s pleasant but not interesting.


Gold Rush

¾ oz 22ml fresh lemon juice

¾ oz 22ml honey syrup

2 oz 60ml bourbon

Add ingredients to shaking tin and fill with ice.

Shake for 10-15 seconds to chill.

Strain into old fashioned glass with one rock of ice or large ice cubes

This cocktail is from Regarding Cocktails by Shasha Petraske and Georgette Moger-Petraske. I purchased the book from amazon last year but it looks it might be out of print or out of stock.

The honey is really strong on the nose. I personally enjoy a heavier honey flavor so I typically use a 3:1 honey syrup. It might be a little bit too strong but the tastes is much more balanced. I immediately get a strong sweetness from the honey but the other ingredients show up quickly. There is a nice blend of honey, vanilla, brown sugar, oak and lemon. Honey and lemon linger on the finish.

 Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond also combines  really well with the other ingredients in this cocktail. The bourbon notes still came through even though the honey and lemon flavors are so strong. The higher ABV also gives the drink a bit of a kick and a thicker mouthfeel. I still consider this drink refreshing but I can definitely tell there is alcohol in there. However,  I would feel comfortable making this drink for someone who might not think they could enjoy whiskey.

Bottom Line


Despite drinking whiskey for close to a decade and living in America all of my life, I’ve never really explored any of the different styles of American whiskies. Scotch was my preferred whiskey after I was drawn in by the smoke and peat flavors. Those bottles also lasted a long time because I have a low alcohol tolerance.

But lately I have been making an effort to expand my whiskey knowledge and broaden my palette. And since bourbon is uniquely American spirit, I thought this would be the perfect place to start. 

Overall, I think Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond is a decent bourbon to begin my bourbon journey. It’s not the most complex whiskey but it’s easy to drink despite the higher ABV. And I feel I was able to get a glimpse at some typical bourbon flavors. The biggest thing keeping me from giving this Evan Williams more than 3/5 stars is the lack of complexity. I just wasn’t excited by the flavor and don’t see myself reaching for this if I want a whiskey neat.

However, I do see this as my go-to cocktail bourbon. I’ve tried it in a few cocktails besides the Gold Rush and it’s been delicious each time. And it’s even easier to recommend since I was able to get this bottle for $13.99 at my local Safeway.  I’m excited to try more bourbons from Heaven Hill in the future.

As always, drink responsibly.

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  1. Kari

    It’s so interesting hearing the tasting notes, what flavors people get from things. The Gold Rush drink sounds really good, just right for a hot summer night!

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