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brown liquid in a tall bottle with a white label with red logo

Redwood Empire Pipe Dream

Whiskey production in California has been steadily growing in recent years, so now there’s plenty of options when I’m looking for something new. But, one brand I’ve consistently seen for the past few years is Redwood Empire. And, while they offer a few different whiskies, Redwood Empire Pipe Dream Bourbon seems like a great place to start. Redwood Empire Distillery, based in Sonoma County, California, draws inspiration from the natural beauty of Northern California. Each of their whiskies is named after a famous redwood tree, and features artwork inspired by the renowned conservationist John Muir. This bourbon is named for Pipe Dream […]

Tall Glass bottle filled with a light brown liquid with a white label with red lettering

Dewar’s White Label

Now that it’s fall and the weather is starting to cool down, I was eager to try a new whisky for crafting cozy cocktails. And, since I was pleasantly surprised with the last affordable blended Scotch, I figured it was a good time to give Dewar’s White Label a shot. The story of Dewar’s begins in 1846, when John Dewar founded his small spirit-merchant business, John Dewar and Sons. Over time, he would start creating his own blends, and the business would continue to grow for the next few decades. The success of Dewar’s would continue after his sons, John Alexander and Tommy, inherited the company. They would make two important decisions: […]

light brown liquid in a small bottle with a black and white label

Jack Daniel’s No. 7

When it comes to American whiskey brands, few are as famous as Jack Daniel’s. And despite seeing it everywhere, I somehow managed to never actually try it. But since I’ve been searching for potential go-to cocktail spirits this summer, I thought it was the perfect time to finally pick up a bottle of Jack Daniel’s No. 7. Jack Daniel’s has had a significant influence on American whiskey for over a century. The distillery was first established by Jasper Newton Daniel, better known as Jack, in 1864 and pioneered the technique of charcoal filtering whiskey. Although there are questions about the true originator of this technique (Jack […]

Amber liquid in a tall bottle with Fireside bourbon whiskey on the label

Fireside Bourbon Whiskey

When I think about the states in America that produce bourbon, Colorado definitely isn’t top of mind. But, Mile High Spirits have been producing bourbon, alongside with a whole bunch of other spirits, in their Denver-based distillery since 2011. And they were generous enough to send us a bottle of their flagship Fireside Bourbon Whiskey along with their Fireside Old Fashioned. Mile High Spirits primarily uses local ingredients, including locally grown corn, barley, and rye, when producing Fireside Bourbon. After the spirit is distilled in copper stills and aged for a minimum of 2 years, the whiskey is diluted to 40% ABV with filtered […]

tall green bottle with cream colored label with green Jameson Irish Whiskey lettering

Jameson Irish Whiskey

I’ve been really excited to revisit Jameson Irish Whiskey, because it was the first whiskey I ever tasted back when I turned 21. And now that I’ve had more experience with different whiskies, I wondered if my opinion on this affordable Irish whiskey had changed at all. Jameson Irish Whiskey was established in 1780 by it’s namesake, John Jameson. Despite the ups and downs of the Irish whiskey industry, it remains one of the biggest Irish whiskey brands today. In the 1960’s, it merged with other Irish distilleries to create Irish Distillers. They consolidated whiskey production at a single facility in Midleton, Where Jameson is currently […]