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Amber liquid in a tall bottle with Fireside bourbon whiskey on the label

Fireside Bourbon Whiskey

When I think about the states in America that produce bourbon, Colorado definitely isn’t top of mind. But, Mile High Spirits have been producing bourbon, alongside with a whole bunch of other spirits, in their Denver-based distillery since 2011. And they were generous enough to send us a bottle of their flagship Fireside Bourbon Whiskey along with their Fireside Old Fashioned. Mile High Spirits primarily uses local ingredients, including locally grown corn, barley, and rye, when producing Fireside Bourbon. After the spirit is distilled in copper stills and aged for a minimum of 2 years, the whiskey is diluted to 40% ABV with filtered […]

tall green bottle with cream colored label with green Jameson Irish Whiskey lettering

Jameson Irish Whiskey

I’ve been really excited to revisit Jameson Irish Whiskey, because it was the first whiskey I ever tasted back when I turned 21. And now that I’ve had more experience with different whiskies, I wondered if my opinion on this affordable Irish whiskey had changed at all. Jameson Irish Whiskey was established in 1780 by it’s namesake, John Jameson. Despite the ups and downs of the Irish whiskey industry, it remains one of the biggest Irish whiskey brands today. In the 1960’s, it merged with other Irish distilleries to create Irish Distillers. They consolidated whiskey production at a single facility in Midleton, Where Jameson is currently […]

Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey

Having recently explored some iconic and easily accessible gins, I wanted to do the same with Irish whiskey. It ‘s been a while since I last sampled the more affordable Irish whiskies, so I was excited to try Tullamore D.E.W Irish Whiskey for the first time. Tullamore D.E.W.‘s history can be traced back to 1829, the year the the distillery was first established in the small town of Tullamore. D.E.W. are the initials for one of the distillery’s early master distillers, the legendary Daniel Edmund Williams. The brand is currently owned by William Grand & Son’s. Tullamore is a blend of three different whiskies, each contributing unique […]

Light gold liquid in a rectangular bottle

Toki Whisky

I was hoping to take a break from blended whisky, but fate, and a sale that was too good to pass up at my local Japanese grocery, had other ideas. But, I’ve enjoyed other products from this brand, so I was happy for an excuse to finally try Toki Whisky. Suntory, the legendary Japanese spirit brand, have been making whisky for almost a century. And while they’ve continued to expand their catalogue to include a variety of spirits, like Roku Gin, a majority of their offerings are whisky. Toki Whisky is one of Suntory’s cheaper whiskies, and is produced by blending whiskies from three different Suntory distilleries: Hakushu, Yamazaki, and […]

Tall bottle with a dark green label and green lettering filled with golden brown liquid

Johnnie Walker Green Label

There aren’t many scotch whisky brands more famous than Johnnie Walker. And despite seeing it in every grocery store and bar, I’ve never actually tried it myself. But thankfully, I was gifted this bottle of Johnnie Walker Green Label by a family member, so I can finally experience the brand and see how it measures up to other blended scotches. Johnnie Walker was first established in 1820, when John Walker opened up a grocer’s shop in Kilmarnock, Scotland. At the time, these shops were known to stock different spirits, and eventually Walker would start selling blends of single malt scotches using the Johnnie Walker label. The whisky […]