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Azteca Azul Reposado Tequila

Azteca Azul Reposado Tequila is produced by Tequila Supremo, a tequila distillery located in Arandas, Jalisco. Founded in 1938, Tequila Supremo produces a variety of different tequila brands using 100% environmentally friendly methods. This particular bottle of Reposado Tequila is created with 100% pure agave, which is cooked in traditional ovens. It is distilled twice in stainless steel stills, before being aged for 6 months in American Oak barrels. BOTTLE SPECS ❖ ABV: 40% ❖ Distillery: Tequila Supremo, S.A. de C.V. ❖ Aging: 6 months ❖ Price Point: lower moderate price TASTING NOTES Nose: ❖ oak ❖ cooked agave ❖ honey ❖ vanilla ❖ nuts […]

Lucy Pistolas Mezcal

Lucy Pistolas Mezcal is produced by Agricola y Mezcal de Jaral in San Felipe, Guanajuato. First launched in 2019, the Lucy Pistolas brand aims to pay tribute to revolutionary women and their impact on society. The fictional woman on the bottle symbolizes the ongoing struggle for women’s rights and recognition, as well as the real women who fight to make it happen. Lucy Pistolas Mezcal is created with Salmiana Agave, grown sustainably by nurturing the natural reproduction cycle of the plant. Each agave reaches 10-12 years of age before being slow-cooked for 3 days in an above ground oven. The juice is then extracted and distilled using a […]

Bottle of Pataka Cacao Liqueur sitting on a wooden table, in front of a mixed white and wooden background

Pataka Cacao Liqueur

Pataka Cacao Liqueur is produced by Pataka, a French brand based in the Cognac region of France. As a brand, Pataka works with ingredients from different areas of the globe to create innovative spirits that they describe as “dynamic”. The company is also part of the 1% For the Planet initiative, where businesses donate at least 1% of their gross sales to an environmental cause. For this initiative, Pataka gives to an organization that helps save endangered Tigers in India. All their liqueurs are made using a slow infusion process. This particular bottle of Cacao Liqueur is made with a vodka base, and infused with Peruvian cacao nibs […]

Bottle of Fair Cafe Liqueur sitting on a wooden table, in front of a mixed white and wooden background

FAIR Cafe Liqueur

FAIR Cafe Liqueur is produced by FAIR, a France-based brand in the Congac region that creates a variety of spirits including liqueurs, vodka, rum, and gin. FAIR takes great pride in the fact that their ingredients are sourced using fair trade practices which support farming communities in other countries.This particular bottle of FAIR Cafe Liqueur is made with Arabica coffee beans from a local co-op in Mexico, as well as fair trade certified sugar. After a slow roasting process, the coffee beans are then macerated for three weeks in a vodka base before bottling. BOTTLE SPECS ❖ ABV: 22% ❖ Distillery: Undisclosed ❖ Aging: N/A ❖ Price […]

Bottle of Bellewood Farms Pumpkin Spice Liqueur sitting on a wooden table, in front of a mixed white and wooden background

Bellewood Farms Pumpkin Spiced Liqueur

Bellewood Farms Pumpkin Spiced Liqueur is produced by Bellewood Farms, a farmstead and craft distillery based in Lynden, WA. As a farm-to-glass facility, Bellewood farms grows the produce that end up in their spirits, which include brandy, vodka, gin, and liqueurs. This particular bottle of Pumpkin Spiced Liqueur is made with real pumpkin and an unspecified apple-based spirit, as well as natural spices. This spirit is also gluten-free, and made without any added sweeteners. BOTTLE SPECS ❖ ABV: 25% ❖ Distillery: Bellewood Craft Distillery ❖ Aging: N/A ❖ Price Point: High Price TASTING NOTES
Palate: ❖ pumpkin pie ❖ vanilla MY TASTING […]