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Mr Stacks Pumpkin Spice Liqueur

Bottle of Mr Stacks Pumpkin Spice Liqueur sitting on a wooden table, in front of a mixed white and wooden background

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Mr Stacks Pumpkin Spice Liqueur


About Mr Stacks Pumpkin Spice Liqueur

I’m not ashamed to admit it – I’m a Chicana gal who loves pumpkin spice. Pumpkin was always my favorite pie, and I will not apologize. It’s the best spice combo ever invented. That’s why every year, I try to review at least 1 tasty-looking pumpkin spice flavored spirit. This year, I went for something a little more ubiquitous that I honestly can’t believe I haven’t tried yet: Mr Stacks Pumpkin Spice Liqueur.

Mr Stacks Pumpkin Spice Liqueur is produced by Mister Stacks Specialties Company – a Minnesota based spirits company that produces a wide variety of liqueurs and schnapps products. Unfortunately, production information for their products seems to be off the grid. However, this particular bottle of Pumpkin Spice Liqueur features flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and, of course, pumpkin.

Bottle Specs

❖  ABV: 25%

❖ Distillery: Undisclosed

❖ Aging: N/A

❖ Price Point: low price

Tasting Notes

❖ pumpkin

❖ cinnamon

❖ nutmeg

❖ allspice

Bottle of Mr Stacks Pumpkin Spice Liqueur with only the label showing, next to a small snifter glass with opaque creamy beige liquid, both sitting on a wooden table

My Tasting notes

I took a whiff of this liqueur, and found that the aroma had a pudding-like quality with hints of vanilla. Even after several sniffs, I did not find very much spice on the nose. Still, the scent was pleasant, smooth, and creamy.

My first sip was nice and sweet. Notes of vanilla pudding took center stage. Strangely, the spice notes were mostly present in the mouthfeel, and not so much in the flavor. I could feel the kick of cinnamon on my tongue, but couldn’t really taste it. I didn’t detect any pumpkin flavor at all.


My original cocktail for this review is a variation on the classic mudslide, with a pumpkin spice twist. It also doubles as my interpretation of a PSL in cocktail form. Hope you enjoy!

Yield: 1 drink

Muddy Pumpkin Patch

Stemmed coupe glass sitting on a wooden table and filled with creamy liquid, sprinkled with white chocolate shavings and golden brown powdered spice on the top

recipe by Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban


  • 1oz pumpkin spice cream liqueur
  • 1oz coffee liqueur
  • 1oz heavy cream
  • garnish: white chocolate shavings & pumpkin pie spice blend


  1. Add the ingredients to a shaker with ice, and shake until chilled.
  2. Strain the mixture into a small glass
  3. garnish with white chocolate shavings and pumpkin pie spice

Inside of a cocktail, this pumpkin spice liqueur fell a bit flat. Although I was happy with my recipe, I feel that the liqueur functioned basically as a plain cream liqueur, which is not as advertised. After a few sips, I could sense some slight nutmeg notes, but to be honest, I’m not convinced that this wasn’t coming from the garnish.

Bottom Line


Overall, I was very disappointed with this bottle of Mr Stacks Pumpkin Spice Liqueur. I expected more pumpkin flavor, even if it would have been artificial-tasting flavoring. Instead, I got zero pumpkin and zero spice. With so many amazing plain cream liqueurs on the market for an affordable price point, I can’t even think of a reason someone would want to buy this after knowing what it tastes like. And it certainly isn’t as good as Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Cream Liqueur, which at least has noticeable spice notes for the same (if not lower) price.

It will not satisfy any pumpkin spice-lover’s craving, nor is it better than a comparably-priced Irish Cream such as Carolans. Just don’t bother.

As always, drink responsibly.

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