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Reyka Vodka

vodka bottle with white and neon orange label on a light would table

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Reyka Vodka


About Reyka Vodka

Since vodka is a neutral spirit without any bold flavors, It can be difficult for vodka brands to stand out. But Reyka Vodka is able to leverage their unique distilling process and location to help attract attention in a out crowded market.

Most of the distilling process takes place in the small coastal town of Borgarnes, Iceland. But first they source a neutral grain spirit from Scotland, where wheat and barley are easier to grow, then proof it down with locally sourced glacial water. The local spring flows through a lava rock field and is naturally filtered.

Next comes the distilling process. Reyka use a rare Carter-Head Still most commonly used for distilling gin. These stills have a basket where botanicals infused with alcohol vapors but Reyka use more lava rocks here to filter the vapor. They use this process to make Reyka Vodka in small batches so they have more consistency in the final product.

The relatively small distillery also runs on renewable energy. The entire facility uses geothermal power from underground volcanos. The Reyka website has some more in information on the distillery.

Bottle Specs

❖ Spirit: Grain based Vodka

Distillery: William Grant and Sons with the distillery in Borgarnes, Iceland

❖ ABV: 40% (80 Proof) 

❖ Moderate Price

My Tasting Notes

❖ Nose: No alcohol burn at all, slight sweetness from the grain

Taste: Sweet grain flavor with a bit of heat, silky mouthfeel

Finish: Longer than I expected, heat from the alcohol persists and slight bit of spice.

a glencairn glass filled with clear liquid with a vodka bottle with white and neon label in the background


pink liquid in a coupe glass with a lime wheel with two alcohol bottles in the background

Cointreau Cosmo

1 oz lime juice

1 oz cranberry juice

1 oz Cointreau liqueur

2 oz vodka

❖ Add ingredients to a shaker and add ice

❖ Shake until chilled

❖ Strain into martini glass or coupe

I don’t often make vodka based cocktails at home so I welcomed any excuse to make the infamous Cosmopolitan. I don’t have any vodka citron to make a proper cosmo but I noticed this recipe on the back of my bottle of Cointreau.

I enjoyed this version of a cosmo although I think I would slightly change the specs to fit my personal taste. But the cocktail was pleasantly tart and refreshing with a strong cranberry flavor. In fact, the cranberry was a bit too strong for me so I ended up preferring a bit less than 1 oz. Reyka Vodka also gave the drink a slightly thicker mouthfeel that I enjoyed.

Bottom Line


I had an overall positive experience with Reyka Vodka. Despite just being a neutral spirit, Reyka has a fun and interesting story. The distilling process is fascinating and I love that the entire distillery is naturally sustainable. While I’m no vodka expert, I like to think the process and ingredients are reflected in the clean taste of the final product. 

Despite being small batch and produced in a remote location, the price is reasonable. I can find it in my local area for around $20. I definitely recommend Reyka Vodka if you are looking for a affordable and quality vodka for mixing or drinking on the rocks.

As always, drink responsibly.

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