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Bottle of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge sitting on a white tablecloth, in front of a white background

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge is produced by Marnier Lapostolle, a france-based company with roots dating back to 1827. In 1876, Louis-Alexandre Marnier married into the Lapostolle family, who had already been operating a distillery near Paris. Marnier would soon transform their legacy with his creation of the cognac-based orange liqueur. Grand Marnier is currently produced at Château de Bourg-Charente in the Cognac region of France.

This liqueur is made with bitter oranges of the Citrus Bigaradia variety, which are picked green. After being dried in the sun, the orange peels are macerated in neutral alcohol, and then distilled using a slow […]

light brown liquid

Riverboat Rye Whiskey

In an effort to try more whiskies besides scotch and bourbon, I used my latest trip to Total Wine to pick up some new bottles, including this bottle of Riverboat Rye Whiskey. There was surprisingly little information about the distillery behind Riverboat Rye, or the whiskey itself. I could only find a few retail links, but no official website or anything. But luckily, there was a decent amount of information both stated and implied on the bottle label. Riverboat is a straight rye whiskey, so it is aged at least 2 years in new, charred oak barrels, and contains at least 51% rye grain in the mash bill. The bottle states the spirit is […]

Bottle of Tequileño Platinum Blanco Tequila sitting on a wooden table

Tequileño Platinum Blanco Tequila

El Tequileño Platinum Blanco Tequila is produced at La Guarreña Distillery, a historic distillery in Tequila, Jalisco. Founded by Don Jorge Salles Cuervo in 1959, El Tequileño is still run by the Salles family – now with a third generation in leadership. It was acquired by parent company Paradise Spirits in 2017.

Overall, El Tequileño takes great pride in their craft. They source their agave from the highlands […]

Don Ramon Tequila Silver

It’s been a while since I impulse bought some bottles, but as soon as I saw that huge diamond cap on this bottle of Don Ramon Tequila Silver, I knew I had to check it out. Casa Don Ramon is an established tequila and Mezcal brand based in Jalisco, Mexico. It was founded in 1996, and then acquired by Dialce Spirit and Beverage Family in 2018. They still do most of their distilling in a large facility in Jalisco. Tequila Silver is a cheaper offering from one of Casa Don Ramon’s many lines of tequila and mezcal. BOTTLE SPECS ❖ Spirit: 100% Blue Agave Silver Tequila ❖ Distillery: Casa Don Ramon Facilities is Jalisco, Mexico ❖ ABV: 40% (80 […]

Bottle of Benedictine D.O.M. Liqueur sitting on a wooden table, against a mixed white and wooden background

Bénédictine D.O.M. Liqueur

Bénédictine D.O.M. Liqueur is produced at Le Palais Bénédictine, located in Fécamp in the Normandy region of France. Originally produced by local monks, the creation of this liqueur dates back to approximately 1510, and has been preserved as a secret recipe since then. Today, the legacy of the Bénédictine Abbey is carried on by the Le Grand family, who produce this liqueur using the same traditional processes. […]