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Tall, clear bottle filled with light brown liquid with a rectangular lable with an illustration of a coastline

10th Street California Coast Whisky

Even though I’ve tried dozens of American whiskies, not many are from distilleries outside of Kentucky and Tennessee. But, the number of distilleries is increasing as the general popularity of whisky continues to grow, and I’m excited to check out some bottles from my home state of California. And luckily, my friend had a similar idea when he gifted me this bottle of 10th Street California Coast Whisky from the San Jose based distillery, 10th Street Distillery. After completing a whisky apprenticeship in the Islay region of Scotland, engineer Virag Saksena, along with chemical engineer and old college roommate Vishal Gauri, wanted bring […]

tall bottle with black and white label with light brown liquid

Michter’s American Whiskey

Since the laws about bourbon classification are so strict, many distilleries create different expressions to experiment with flavors and sell new products. One of the oldest distilleries in America did this when creating their recent product, Michter’s American Whiskey.

Michter’s legacy begins in Pennsylvania in 1753, when a mennonite farmer named John Shenk first began distilling rye whiskey. It was sold under the name Shenk’s until the the distillery was sold to Abraham Bomberger and the name changed to Bomberger’s.

Over the next century, the distillery would survive prohibition and many owner changes until then-owner, Lou Forman, came […]