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Bottle of Malibu Coconut Rum sitting on a wooden table, in front of a mixed white and wooden background

Malibu Coconut Rum

Malibu Coconut Rum is produced by Pernod Ricard, a France-based company that owns a wide variety of different liquor brands worldwide. Despite the name it’s most commonly known by, Malibu Coconut Rum is not technically rum – which one can tell from taking a closer look at the bottle. The label actually reads “Caribbean Rum With Coconut Liqueur” – as in many places it can’t be legally considered rum, and is […]

glass bottle with a large wood cork containing brown liquid

Elijah Craig Small Batch

Heaven Hill is such a big player in American whiskey that I completely forgot they also produce Elijah Craig Small Batch. After reviewing Rittenhouse Rye and Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond recently, I was intending to try some other American distilleries but I guess I’m just drawn to Heaven Hill this year. It also doesn’t help that the Small Batch bottle doesn’t mention Heaven Hill. But it does have an embossed “1789” on bottle in honor of Elijah Craig’s contribution to bourbon history. Elijah Craig was a baptist preacher turned capitalist from Georgetown, Kentucky who is known as the creator of bourbon by being the first person in the […]

Bottle of Giffard Blue Curacao Liqueur sitting on a wooden table, in front of a mixed white and wooden background

Giffard Blue Curaçao Liqueur

Giffard Blue Curaçao Liqueur is produced by Giffard Distillery in Avrillé, France. Originally founded in Agers in 1885, Giffard produces a variety of liqueurs, spirits, and mixers.

Generally speaking, Blue Curaçao is an orange-flavored liqueur originally made from the bitter Lahara oranges from the island of Curaçao. The blue hue is simply a result of blue dye, and doesn’t indicate any difference in flavor […]

tall clear bottle with embossed lettering and a blue bordered label with at large wood cap

Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila

I’ve been going through a margarita phase this summer so I’ve been going through blanco tequila pretty quickly. On my last shopping trip, Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila immediately caught my eye because of the embossed “100% Agave” on the interestingly shaped glass bottle. But I didn’t regret my purchase after using the tequila and learning more about the company behind it.

Olmeca Altos was founded by two world famous bartenders, Dre Masso and the late Henry Besant, along with master distiller Jesus Hernandez. Their goal was to create an affordable and sustainable tequila for both bartenders and tequila […]

Bottle of orange-hued Peachcello liqueur sitting on a wooden table, in front of a mixed white and wood background

Pallini Peachcello White Peach Liqueur

Pallini Peachcello White Peach Liqueur is produced by Pallini, a family-run company known for its specialty liqueurs and syrups. Originally founded in Antrodoco, Italy in 1875, Pallini moved its facilities to Rome in the 1920’s. The company is still family-run to this day, passing the trade down to at least 5 generations. They introduced their Peachcello liqueur around 1999 – roughly the same time as their world […]