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Bombay Bramble

tall clear bottle with dark red liquid with white lettering and ornate gold decoration around the label

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Bombay Bramble



If you’ve ever been inside a bar or liquor store in recent years, you’ve probably seen the bright blue Bombay Sapphire bottle. But, after establishing their flagship London dry gin, Bombay have continued to release new products with the latest being Bombay Bramble.

Bombay Bramble is a spirit-forward, flavored gin that takes inspiration from a classic cocktail. The Bramble was created by the legendary British bartender Dick Bradsell, and originally used a drizzle blackberry liquor. Bombay adds both fresh blackberries and raspberries to their dry gin to create the vibrant flavor of Bombay Bramble. Black carrots and black currant are also added for coloring, but they don’t add any sugar.

Bottle Specs

❖ Spirit: Flavored Gin

❖ ABV: 43% 

❖ Low-Moderate Price

Tasting Notes

My Tasting Notes 

Color: Ruby Red

❖ Nose: Tart berry, Citrus, Floral, Herbal spice

Taste: Sweet berry, Juniper, It kinda reminds me of  cough syrup or a cough drop. More bitter than I was expecting.

Finish: Long finish, Juniper with slight berry sweetness, Slight herbal spice

Ruby red liquid in a glencairn glass


dark pink liquid in a cocltail glass with a blackberry and lemon wedge garnish

Bombay Bramble

25 ml Fresh Lemon Juice

12.5 ml Simple Syrup

50 ml Bombay Bramble

❖ Add ingredients to a glass

❖ Top with crushed ice and garnish with lemon wedge and blackberry

The Bombay website has some recipes for other cocktails, but I thought it was more fitting to try their Bombay Bramble cocktail recipe. Bramble is one of my personal favorite cocktails, and I have enjoyed both the original version, and one using fresh berries. I usually measure ingredients using ounces, so I had to approximate the simple syrup.

I was surprised at how much I liked this cocktail. I was worried about the bitter and medicinal notes, but the lemon juice and sugar cover up everything except the fruity notes. In fact, Bombay Bramble gives the drink a pleasant fruit punch flavor thats quite refreshing and distinct from the other Bramble recipes I’ve tried. Also, this drink looks really pretty.

Bottom Line


Despite enjoying individual aspects of Bombay Bramble, the overall experience was disappointing. I usually like gin and berry drinks, but this combination of flavors felt too disjointed.

The fruit notes and vibrant color do work well in the Bombay Bramble cocktail, but this was the only thing I liked about the spirit. Neat, it tastes too much like cough syrup for my personal taste and was also a bit too bitter in a Gin and Tonic I tried.

I can really only recommend Bombay Bramble as a mixing spirit, so luckily it’s in a decent price range. I can find bottles for about $20-$25 in my area, so it’s not too much of a money commitment. I’m still going to finish this bottle experimenting with cocktails, and maybe Bombay will make some adjustments in the future.

As always, drink responsibly.

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