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Lucy Pistolas Mezcal

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Lucy Pistolas Mezcal


About Lucy Pistolas Mezcal

Lucy Pistolas Mezcal is produced by Agricola y Mezcal de Jaral in San Felipe, Guanajuato. First launched in 2019, the Lucy Pistolas brand aims to pay tribute to revolutionary women and their impact on society. The fictional woman on the bottle symbolizes the ongoing struggle for women’s rights and recognition, as well as the real women who fight to make it happen.

Lucy Pistolas Mezcal is created with Salmiana Agave, grown sustainably by nurturing the natural reproduction cycle of the plant. Each agave reaches 10-12 years of age before being slow-cooked for 3 days in an above ground oven. The juice is then extracted and distilled using a copper alembic still system called a “rectificador”. As a mezcal “joven”, it is not aged.

Bottle Specs

❖  ABV: 40%

❖ Distillery: Undisclosed

❖ Aging: None

❖ Price Point: low price

My Tasting notes

I took a whiff of this mezcal, and there was a subtle fresh scent with a hint of smokiness. Overall, it was hard to pick out the nose notes, as it was smooth and almost scent-free.

My first sip was initially fruity, like the flavor and quality of banana. Shortly following this was a wave of bright alcohol flavor that was harsh in a peppery sort of way.

The harshness began to mellow with each sip, leaving strong notes of pepper. After each taste, there was a pleasant tingle on the roof of my mouth. After a while, I could taste other spices which were hard to pinpoint but created an interesting flavor on the palate. The smooth banana flavor remained throughout.


For my cocktail, I felt inspired to make an original drink. Since this mezcal is made in my father’s home state of Guanajuato, I wanted to capture some of the flavors and colors one might see in his rural hometown – but in a new way!

In the spirit of Lucy Pistolas, I call this the “Bota de Adelita”. Don’t you dare serve this on ice. My abuelita would never!

Yield: 1 drink

Bota de Adelita

Bota de Adelita

recipe by Emmeline Gonzalez-Beban


  • 2 oz mezcal
  • 1 oz cacao liqueur
  • 4oz Jarritos Tamarindo
  • 1 dash Fee Brother's Aztec Chocolate Bitters
  • optional garnish: bougainvillea blossom


  1. Add the mezcal, cacao liqueur, and bitters to a shaker with ice, and shake until chilled.
  2. Strain the mixture into a small cocktail glass, and top with 4oz of Jarritos Tamarindo.
  3. Garnish with a bougainvillea blossom if desired.

Inside of a cocktail, this mezcal was quite nice. It was very smooth, and the mezcal added a nice flavor to the mixture. Once again, there was a subtle banana flavor, and the smokiness really helped to meld the tamarind and chocolate flavors together. This drink is both earthy and fruity, just like my memories of Guanajuato.

Bottom Line


Overall, I thought that this bottle of Lucy Pistolas Mezcal was very nice. However, I felt that it lacked a certain special-ness that prevents me from giving it 5 stars.

I think this mezcal is absolutely worth trying out if you’re interested in mezcals. The flavors were delicious and interesting, and it worked great inside of a cocktail.

That said, I can’t help but compare my enjoyment of this spirit to my tasting of Los Vecinos del Campo, a mezcal Espadín which really took me on a journey – and for a slightly lower price point! It’s hard to say what prevented me from having an emotional experience with Lucy Pistolas, but it simply didn’t hit me as deeply. Although it’s good quality, it would probably not be my first choice to recommend to a friend.

As always, drink responsibly.

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