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Homare Strawberry Nigori

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Homare Strawberry Nigori


About Homare Strawberry Nigori

Homare Strawberry Nigori is produced by Aizu Homare Brewery, located in the city of Kitakata in Fukushima, Japan. First established in 1918, Aizu Homare is considered one of the top breweries in the area, and produce a variety of sake, sochu, and liqueur products.

This particular bottle of Strawberry Nigori is a flavored Nigori sake. If you’re not familiar with Nigori, it differs from other types of sake by the “cloudy” sediment of the unfiltered (or roughly filtered) rice. The rice sediment gives Nigori a unique texture and mouthfeel. This bottle combines Nigori with natural strawberry juice for an added fruity flavor.

Bottle Specs

❖  ABV: 8%

❖ Distillery: Aizu Homare Brewery

❖ Aging: N/A

❖ Price Point: Upper Moderate Price

My Tasting notes

As I began to pick out the nose notes of this Nigori, I got a nice wave of strawberry yogurt scent. This aroma was nicely balanced, being neither too subtle nor too overwhelming.

I took my first sip, and it began with clear strawberry yogurt notes, followed by a unique alcohol flavor. It took me a few sips to make sense of this unique finish, as the alcohol doesn’t have the classic “bite” to it. Rather, there is an acidity and “funk” to the alcohol’s flavor. Personally, my taste buds didn’t care for it, as it reminded me of stomach bile.


For my cocktail, I did some research on how Nigori is normally drunk. Though it seems that most people consume it straight, there was also talk of people combining equal parts Nigori and milk for a refreshing yogurt-like beverage. I decided to use two fluid onces of each to make this drink.

Nigori & Milk

❖ 2oz Nigori

❖ 2oz milk

  1. Add Nigori and milk to a small glass with ice.

Inside of a cocktail, I enjoyed this Strawberry Nigori a bit better. I found that the milk really helped to bring out the rice notes, which were immediately apparent in my first sip. With each subsequent sip, the strawberry notes came out a bit stronger and sweeter. Alcohol-wise, this drink is extremely smooth. I found it easier to appreciate the “funk” of the Nigori much more when cut with milk. 

Bottom Line


Overall, I was hoping to enjoy Homare Strawberry Nigori much more than I did. At the end of the day, I couldn’t quite get past the unique fermented flavor. I think it is definitely an acquired taste – but, I don’t see myself being able to finish the bottle, as my taste buds really rejected it. It reminded me too much of getting carsick as a child.

That said –  if you enjoy these types of acidic flavors, it might be worth a try for you. At this time, I can’t personally recommend this bottle of Strawberry Nigori.

As always, drink responsibly.

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