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Diplomático Planas Aged White Rum

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Diplomático Planas Aged White Rum


About Diplomático Planas Aged White Rum

Diplomático Planas Aged White Rum is produced by Destilerías Unidas S. A. – a family-owned company and distillery based in Venezuela. It’s a brand that I already have a fondness for, having reviewed their Reserva Exclusiva Rum a little over a year ago and giving it a good rating. That’s why I was so excited to receive this bottle of their Aged White Rum as a gift over the holiday season.

Each of their rums are “field to bottle”, which basically means that Diplomático handles all the steps of production. The production process varies a little depending on which rum variety is being made. This particular bottle of Aged White Rum is a blend of rums that are made using sugar cane molasses and sugar cane honey. After fermentation, the distillation process creates distillates using column, batch kettle, and pot stills. The blend is aged for up to 6 years, before being charcoal filtered for a clear color. It is bottled at 96 proof.

Bottle Specs

❖  ABV: 47%

❖ Distillery: Destilerías Unidas S. A.

❖ Aging: up to 6 years

❖ Price Point: moderate price

Tasting Notes


❖ coffee

❖ coconut


❖ fruit

My Tasting notes

I began to pick out the nose notes of this rum, and found them to be very sweet. The immediate aroma was a cross between brown sugar and molasses. After several sniffs, I also detected very subtle coconut.

I took my first sip, and it had a bit of heat, but not too much. I found the flavor to be sweet, but not distinct enough to really identify individual flavors. Towards the end of the glass, I began to get subtle fruit notes. Overall, it was pretty sippable, though I already had the sense I would prefer it in cocktails.


Yield: 1 drink

Mango Mojito

Mango Mojito


  • 2oz white rum
  • 1oz lime juice
  • 1oz mango nectar
  • club soda (to top)
  • 10 mint leaves


  1. Inside your shaker, gently muddle the mint leaves with the mango nectar.
  2. Add Rum and lime juice to the mixture, and shake with ice until chilled.
  3. Strain into a tall cocktail glass filled with ice.
  4. Fill the rest of the glass to top with club soda, and briefly stir to mix in.
  5. Garnish with a mint sprig if desired.

Inside of a cocktail, this rum was quite neutral and smooth. It really allowed the other flavors, the mint in particular, to take center stage. The cocktail overall felt earthy and refreshing. Towards the end, there were slight notes of molasses.

Bottom Line


At the end of the day,  I feel that Diplomático Planas Aged White Rum is a very solid choice, particularly as a mixing rum. It creates an excellent cocktail.

That said, I was left feeling a little perplexed by the concept of the aged white rum. This was my first time trying one for myself, and I’m not convinced that the full aging and then charcoal filtering process is something I needed in my rum options. Although they claim that the “depth of flavor” is retained, I think this is highly debatable. I’m not sure that it offered much more value than simply offering a good quality un-aged or slightly aged product.

But, it certainly didn’t ruin the product, either! As I hoped and expected, Diplomático Planas performs wells inside of cocktails, and is priced reasonably for the quality in my opinion. Describing it as a “sipping rum” may be a stretch though, even though it was tolerable to drink straight. It just wasn’t as flavorful as other sipping rums from the brand. I personally will use it as a mixing rum.

Whatever you consider it, I do recommend trying it out for yourself!

As always, drink responsibly.

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