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Bottle of Argonaut Fat Thumb Brandy sitting on a wooden table, in front of a mixed white and wooden background

Argonaut Fat Thumb Brandy

Argonaut Fat Thumb Brandy is produced by Argonaut Distilling Company in Sanger, CA. Striving to make great brandy, Argonaut takes pride in the fact that they produce everything from start to finish. This includes growing the California grapes, as well as winemaking, distilling, and blending. As a brand, Argonaut focuses on the gold rush spirit, with the names of each blend clearly inspired by this aspect of California history. This particular bottle of Fat Thumb Brandy is named after the concept of “fat thumb” – a term used for merchants who took a generous pinch of gold dust in exchange for goods. Fat Thumb features a blend of Coffey […]