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Black bottle with white label and lettering

El Silencio Mezcal

While mezcal might not be ubiquitous like tequila, I’ve recently been noticing a larger selection of bottles in a variety of stores. And if you’re looking for an introduction to this uniquely flavored spirit, El Silencio Mezcal could be a good option. Mezcal is the name for spirits produced in Mexico using agave plants. This might sound oddly similar to tequila, but that’s because tequila is technically a type of mezcal. However, tequila is only made from blue agave while mezcal can use one of fifty different agave plants. El Silencio uses the heart (piñas) of espadín agave plants which are then roasted to produce a distinct smokey […]

Bottle of clear-colored Los Vecinos del Campo Mezcal sitting on a wooden table, in front of a mixed white and wooden background

Los Vecinos del Campo Mezcal Espadín

Los Vecinos del Campo Mezcal Espadin is produced by Mezcal Chichicapam, a group of local Mezcal-producing families in Oaxaca, Mexico. As a brand, however, Los Vecinos del Campo is considered a collaboration between Casa San Matías and Sazerac, who seem to take on the leg work of marketing and distributing their artisanal Mezcals. Overall, they seem to take great pride in the community spirit and dedication to […]